Ethical Travel: Holidaying To Fight the Italian Mafia

Forno F., Garibaldi R., “Ethical Travel: Holidaying To Fight the Italian Mafia” in Russo A.P., Richards G. (edited by), “Reinventing the Local in Tourism. Producing, Consuming and Negotiating Place”, Channel View Publications, Bristol (UK), 2016.

The chapter illustrates how posttouristic host–guest relationships produces a new ‘market space’ in which various subjects have reinstated themselves, building new alliances to oppose an oppressive system of power and privileges. The point is made through the presentation of Addiopizzo Travel, a branch of one of the most well-known anti-racket civic platforms, which organises tourism activities in Sicily as a way to fight the mafia through the branding of ‘racket-free’ products and experiences. The success achieved by this initiative points to the importance of new forms of market-based activism, providing insights into the role of ethical tourism in place and space construction.

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