Food Travel Monitor

The Food Travel Monitor is the world’s largest food and beverage tourism research.

This brand-new research is significant in several ways:

  1. It is the first global, non-proprietary research study for food and drink travelers. Its goal is to include at least 10 major countries in the first year (other destinations and destination subsets within a country as requested by supporting partners).
  2. It is the first food tourism research that measures interest in beverages, including wine and beer.
  3. This research includes a PsychoCulinary profiling methodology (developed for the first time in 2010 by the World Food Travel Association), and analyses each destination in the context of the appropriate PsychoCulinary profiles.
  4. It is the first food/drink tourism research which surveys food/drink travelers from the included destinations.
  5. It is the first food/drink tourism research which uses food and drink tourism research experts to design and conduct the survey.
  6. The research will be repeated annually and trends will be compared with this first annual study, which will be looked at as a benchmark.

To see the 2016 Food Travel Monitor, click here.