Gastronomy Tourism Dialogues



Tourism sector is undergoing  hard times as a consequence of the health emergency. Starting from the web potentialities I decided to to give my contribution to meet, each other even if virtually  asking the cooperation of friends and colleagues, who have accepted positively my invitation.

We created a series of webinar on the topic of gastronomy tourism freely accessible during which I virtually meet experts and professionals to discuss focal sector’s themes.

We would re-evaluate the dialogue and the opinion exchange as fundamental principles of our daily life right in this moment when we have to stay apart in order to keep flows of information and ideas open.

Twice a week two free video are  made available on my platform. On my social channels there is the chance to ask fot questions related to topic and sessions.

This is an opportunity to proactively live the situation, in order to plan the future and stay up to date. It is also an opportunity to enrich and to find new inspirations and stimulus. We can all make an investment, capitalizing our time in order to transform our ideas in opportunity of growth.

The dialogues are intended  to be food for thought with respect to different topics, in order to inspire the hospitality managers of food and wine companies and tour operators in general, but also to provide for data and examples.


  • Scenario: how is the sector evolving? Trends on demand from wine tourism to oil tourism, markets, certified products, sustainability…
  • Tools: practical toolboxes for operators on different topics as for example the use of social media, tech tools, videos, the way to approach booking platform. Many practical tips to optimize daily operations
  • Best practices and networks: representatives of Associations, DMOs, Consortium and owners of food&wine tourism businesses illustrate their realities and the actions implemented.


HERE you can subscribe to receive  the guidelines. The events will be published also on the Facebook page, before each meeting.

The dialogues remain available for two weeks, to give the chance to everybody to take vision and avoid technical problem due to the massive connections considering the high number of registered users.

It is possible to access at the platform with the own e-mail and the same password created to watch the first webinar.

If you had not received the mail to access the dialogues, you can check the “spam” section of you post mail. The best way to avoid that our communication will end up in the “spam” folder, is to add the e-amil address between your contacts. Alternatively, you can use the “No spam” function made available by all main mail providers in their respective Webmail. It is necessary to click on the button Not spam, It is not spam, Trusted, etc. (depending on the provider used).