Innovative marketing tools for museums

9th/10th May 2013
Polytechnic Institute of Leiria – Peniche, Portugal Expert Meeting on Imageneering Events
Innovative marketing tools for museums

Events do not just happen, they are carefully crafted to weave narratives (content), into places (context) through processes of Imagineering. Effective design of an event can produce more successful business models which can help to sustain cultural and sporting activities even during hard economic times.

  • Imagineering can be viewed as the creation and innovation of value from an experience perspective. Imagineering goes far beyond the original design concept of Disney.

Key questions addressed at the meeting included: how should events be Imagineered in these complex times? How can Imagineering contribute to improve event business models? How can events be effectively coImagineered to involve a wide range of event stakeholders? How can city event programmes be Imagineered to maximise outputs for the local community?

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