Puglia destination to innovate tourism

“Innovation for the destination Puglia” is the new project that Puglia Promozione – regional agency – has activated in order to enhance tourism in the Region. The project involves the development of surveys, studies, and ad hoc analyzes aimed at analyzing both the offer (in terms of attractions but also of related services), and the characteristics of the demand and the dynamics of purchasing the Puglia product. In particular, in 2018 research activities focused on the characteristics and dynamics of development (general and local) of some products of tourist interest, with the ultimate goal to promote and qualify the tourism offer of the territorial systems, favoring competitiveness on international and national markets and promoting public-private cooperation in sector interventions; to promote the meeting between the regional offer and the mediators of international tourism flows.

To this end, three selected experts will take care of this activity for three areas of reference – Art and Culture, Food and Wine, Nature Sport and Wellness – including my figure for food and wine tourism, Prof. Fabiola Sfodera for art and culture, and prof. Pierfelice Rosati for sport.

During this 2018, following the analysis of the territorial tourism offer and a reference benchmark, we will make the regional tourism offer more competitive at both national and international level.

Below are the products on which you are working:

ART AND CULTURE: Puglia is a region of art and culture characterized by an offer spread throughout the region. The product line art and culture, however, weighs in Puglia much less significantly than other two major regions of the South (in particular Campania and Sicily) which, moreover, are very well established players on this market thanks in particular to some attractions of great importance. This product, which in the last few years has significantly increased its shares in Puglia, represents an important potential for this Region that must be appropriately put to value.

FOOD AND WINE: Puglia is a region with a gastronomic offer of extraordinary variety appreciated all over Italy and the world. The products of the food and wine supply chain have long been considered as elements capable of characterizing the offer and the tourist identity of a territory and are one of the strengths of this brand. Currently, however, this product line has a very marginal impact on tourism flows and is often associated with the cultural one, as food and wine is often experienced and perceived as one of the cultural and identity characteristics of a territory.

NATURE, SPORTS AND WELL-BEING: in Puglia the extremely mild climate and the great offer of protected natural areas allow to practice sport all year round by taking advantage of trekking routes, bike and horse trails, diving centers and beaches equipped for sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Nature in Puglia is also countryside, walls, paths, farms, farms. The presence of a good offer of spa and wellness facilities, completes a mix of offer for a tourist demand in search of relaxation and wellbeing. Despite this offer varies the outdoor tourists, ie those who reach Puglia specifically to carry out sports activities in the open, they have a very low impact on overall flows, this is due to the lack of “infrastructures” but also complete information that hinder the autonomous organization of routes, stages and itineraries.