Report on Gastronomy Tourism in Italy 2020

Gastronomy has assumed great importance in tourism nowadays and it is considered one of the fundamental travel elements.

The «Report on Gastronomy Tourism in Italy» is a work which returns an updated picture of the situation in Italy and around the world with the aim to provide institutions and stakeholders with a tool able to support tourism policy decisions and the development of proposals able to satisfy modern tourists.

The work developed under the umbrella of the Italian Association of Gastronomy Tourism, a no profitAssociation created with the aim to spread know-how and collect funds to sustain permanently this research.

As a consequence of the complexity of this work, the 2020 edition is composed by three volumes:

  • The first illustrates the trends, it is the result of a careful analysis and synthesis of what has emerged from the studies conducted in recent years. This overview is enriched with the contributions of international and national experts operating in the sector, as well as offering an eye on the international situation of countries such as Greece, Belarus, Spain, Thailand and South Africa. This work – as well as the second volume – has obtained the patronage of ENIT – Italian Tourism Agency, Federculture, ISMEA, Fondazione Qualivita and Touring Club Italiano, and the support of UniCredit and PromoTurismoFVG. This is an excerpt of the contributions that were provided in English language. The full report is available in Italian language.
  • The second offers an insight into the situation of the current Italian food and wine-tourism offer and its components, both at European level – with a comparison with our main competitors – and at regional level. Returns up-to-date statistical data on consistency and positioning, from excellent productions to the restaurant offer, from farmhouses to museums, passing through production companies and the Wine and Flavours Roads. Thanks to the collaboration with TripAdvisor, Semrush and Travel Appeal, we also wanted to deepen the topic of online, from researching experiences on the web to selling, passing through user reviews. It is the ideal tool for Regions, Chambers of Commerce, destinations, federations and bodies that need comparison data.
  • The third is entirely dedicated to the presentation of the behaviour of international tourists, their attitude to participate in food and wine experiences while traveling, with specific insights on some individual countries (France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Mexico and China) and on generations. This work is the Italian edition of the “Food Travel Monitor 2020” by the World Food Travel Association. It was possible thanks to the support of the Quebec tourism agency. It is aimed at companies, entities or territories that intend to develop promotional and welcoming actions towards the international target.

The volumes are available digitally, the first can be downloaded HERE for free, the other two are on sale. Through the purchase and / or the organization of moments of presentation on the territory it will be possible to support research activities for the next years.