Report on Gastronomy Tourism in Italy 2021

is considered one of the fundamentals for travelling.

The «Report on Gastronomy Tourism in Italy» returns an updated picture of the situation in Italy with the aim to provide institutions and stakeholders with a tool able to support tourism policy decisions and the development of proposals able to satisfy modern tourists.

The 2021 edition is composed by two volumes:

  • The first volume focuses on some of the main trends that frame food and beverage tourism with the additional contribution of international experts. It is divided into three sections: Trends; Focus; Around us, an overview of food and wine tourism in foreign countries, such as Canada, Japan, Catalunya, Thailand, the United States of America, and Scotland, during the pandemic. This section was created thanks to the collaboration with the Word Food Travel Association. Here you can download “Trends” which provides a medium-term vision on food and wine tourism, thanks to a careful qualitative analysis, literature review and study of best practices. Five are the key trends addressed here: the taste of value; active, demanding, and innovative food and wine tourist; never-ending food tourism; well-being and the development of new places and new spaces.
  • The second volume analyzes the behavior while traveling, the choices made, and the experiences carried out by reporting statistical data related to the profile of both Italian and food and wine tourists. It also provides insights into issues such as sustainability, well-being, and bike & taste. This section is aimed at those who want to have an in-depth framework to address related policies and projects. It is therefore for all operators in the supply chain (wineries, tour operators, DMOs, consortia and regions, professionals, and tour operators) who have the Italian market as their target.

The section “Trends” is available for free in English (HERE), Spanish (HERE) and Italian (HERE).