Toolkit for tourism operators about breakfast

The East Lombardy breakfast toolkit has been published, dedicated to the operators of the East Lombardy project – European Region of Gastronomy.

What kind of local products can we enhance in breakfast? Which recipes? What kind of strategies to adopt for a memorable breakfast for our tourists? And what special attention for our guests?

These are some of the questions we have tried to answer in the manual, under my care, thanks to the intervention of some experts in the field.

The historic food expert, Silvia Tropea Montagnosi, introduces some products of the area. Some East Lombardy Ambassadors, from Iginio Massari to Chicco Cerea, narrate their proposals and their recipes. The professor Gianluca Rossoni illustrates the legislation dedicated to tourism companies. Concetta D’Emma gives some suggestions for a breakfast that becomes a competitive advantage for “unconventional guests”.

From breakfast depends the satisfaction of the guests, who retain the memory of the tourism structure, and that will affect the reviews and the intention to return. A carefully prepared breakfast becomes a differentiation strategy, allowing tourist to be better satisfied, given that today 96% of Italian tourists have considered the presence of an enogastronomic offer or experiences related to food and wine to be important or very important; 73% of Italian tourists eat typical local dishes in a local restaurant (not a chain) and 52% pay attention to the presence of agri-food products with quality certifications. On TripAdvisor there are over 1 million reviews on the theme of breakfast, demonstrating the interest of tourists at this time of quality.

Consistent with the objectives of the East Lombardy project – and I am the scientific director, – aimed at offering concrete work tools with a view to enhancing the territory – the toolkit intends to provide some ideas and operational idea, so that we can focus on our guests, with the aim not only to satisfy their requests, but also to know how to anticipate them, creating that “wow effect” that goes beyond all expectations.