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Technologies for enhancing wine tourism experience

Garibaldi, R., Sfodera F. (2020). “Technologies for enhancing wine tourism experience.” In S. K. Dixit (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Tourism Experience Management and Marketing. London: Routledge. ISBN: 9780367196783

The strategic integration of new technologies into tourism is not new, but in recent years they have become an integral part of the industry, revolutionizing the way experiences are created and consumed. New technologies allow tourists to access information and connect directly with tourism providers, as well as help create richer, more participatory and engaging experiences. And, as a result, increase overall satisfaction. This chapter focuses specifically on the ways in which new technologies have enhanced the tourism experience by adding new values and content. After a brief overview of academic research, to outline the general context, a selection of international case studies related to wine tourism is presented. In fact, wine tourism is a growing segment. It is intimately related to the identity of the destination and includes cultural and historical values. Wineries are no longer just production sites, but they are turning into attractions for a wide audience of tourists. This has led local producers to enhance traditional services (e.g. Tours and Tastings) by integrating new technologies into the winery experience in order to overcome physical barriers (e.g. allowing tourists to experience the vineyard in all seasons), provide content and enhance the visitor experience.

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