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The Chocolate Way: how to support the manifesto

The Chocolate Way, the first international network to celebrate chocolate in Europe, launches an online petition “From cocoa to bars and pralines: support the chocolate made with love and RESPECT” in support of a more artisanal and responsible cocoa production chain.

As part of the certification project of The Chocolate Way as “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe”, in which Roberta Garibaldi participates as a member of the Scientific Committee, the network promotes the initiative with the aim of spreading and affirming the ten main values summarized in the manifesto:

  1. Recognising that farmers should be paid a fair price for their cacao;
  2. Supporting the fight against the exploitation of workers, and in particular against child labour in cacao farms, and for better access to education for children in cacao countries;
  3. Support for the creation of farmers’ cooperatives and other cooperation that empowers farmers and improves their position in the market;
  4. Support for research projects that introduce and transfer improved farming methods that help to guarantee environmentally sustainable cacao;
  5. Promotion of cooperation between the farmers who supply cacao to Europe and European chocolate makers, based on transparency and social and environmental responsibility;
  6. Recognition of quality chocolate producers who take an ethically responsible approach to cacao sourcing and chocolate production;
  7. Promoting conscious consumption of chocolate and other cacao products by European consumers;
  8. Spreading knowledge of the health benefits and nutritional value of cacao and chocolate;
  9. Support for initiatives sharing the historical and cultural heritage of the participating countries in the cacao and chocolate market;
  10. Support for all measures against discrimination of women and support for welfare policies protecting working conditions in cacao and chocolate.

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